Information Systems Associates, Inc. announces a new offering for Data Center Asset Management


Stuart, Sept. 10, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Information Systems Associates (OTCQB: IOSA), an emerging information technology company, is announcing an expansion of its product portfolio. The daCenti™ product is based upon the company's OSPI® product for Data Center Asset Management and is focused specifically on the efficient collection of IT assets.  daCenti™ has been extensively tested by a Fortune 500 regional data center and is being made generally available on October 1, 2013.  Along with tried and proven technology, daCenti™ will be priced aggressively which will allow smaller data centers to get the benefits of accurate accounting and management (including precise location) of all assets within a data center.  The product is also upgradeable to the more comprehensive OSPI® offering which allows the interface to other Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) systems.

Commenting on the new release, Joe Coschera, ISA's founder and CEO said, "daCenti™ is the first in a number of new offerings from ISA aimed at the DCIM market space.  We are using our years of experience in providing Professional Services for data centers to provide new software offerings that significantly enhance our clients' efficiency in managing the rapid expansion they are undertaking." The Company has previously announced that it is now focusing its growth plans on new software offerings in the DCIM market space as well as growing its professional services and consulting businesses. 

daCenti™ is a solution built specifically for data center managers to have a better understanding of what devices they have in their data center and where each device is located.  With the daCenti™ solution, ISA's clients are able to track specifics about asset inventory beginning with a rack's grid location down to specific cards mounted in each device within a rack. Clients will also be able to manage power connectivity to the device level in conjunction with this.

daCenti™ will be priced from under $3,000 for the licensed scanner with an annual license fee of $3,600 payable in advance.  For more information, please go to the daCenti™ web page at

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Information Systems Associates, Inc. (OTCQB:IOSA) based in Stuart, FL, is a leading provider of Mobile Data Center Management™ systems and turnkey data center management solutions. The suite of products and services include data center asset inventory, Data Center Management software and DCIM Consulting. Utilizing a proprietary and patented technology, OSPI® (On Site Physical Inventory®), customers manage data centers on a mobile basis, bringing data center management out of the office and into the data center. Information Systems Associates holds the trademarks for On Site Physical Inventory, OSPI and Mobile Data Center Management.

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