Duos Technologies Successfully Completes First Commercial dcVue™ Software Deployment

Company’s New IT Asset Management Software Now a Commercial Application

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Feb. 20, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Duos Technologies Group, Inc. (“Duos” or the “Company”) (OTCQB: DUOT), through its operating subsidiary Duos Technologies, Inc., a provider of intelligent security and analytical technology solutions, has successfully completed the first deployment of its new dcVue™ software, licensed as a commercial application. The system, which includes associated Android-based mobile devices, is used to verify assets within data centers.  Once an accurate picture of a company’s data center assets and their location is compiled, the system can then be used for auditing, monitoring and recording asset movements, additions, changes and deletions from that inventory.

Following the successful completion an in-depth proof of concept process, the license was deployed into the client’s operations.  The implementation was conducted in conjunction with Duos’ strategic partner, FNT Software. FNT is a leading provider of integrated software solutions for IT management, data center infrastructure management (DCIM) and telecommunication infrastructure management worldwide.  Solving one of the leading issues with DCIM and asset management solutions today, dcVue allows users to accurately identity IT assets and their physical locations within a data center.  

Geoffrey Greene, Director of Business Development for Duos’ Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM) division, said, “We believe this initial sale through our partner, FNT, validates the need for accurate asset information within any data center.  The dcVue™ solution delivers a benefit to companies that deploy asset management systems by providing the accurate data needed to manage these data center assets effectively.”

In dcVue™’s data collection mode, users can gather information about physical assets throughout the entire data center. This feature produces a baseline that can be easily imported into FNT’s management solution, FNT Command. FNT Command then utilizes the accurate, up-to-date asset information to build out a model of the data center. dcVue’s verification audit further utilizes data from FNT Command to verify location and configuration information while on the data center floor.

“The dcVue™ platform represents a significant value-added component to our overall solution for IT Asset Management,” said Sean Graham, General Manager of FNT Software. “Existing users of FNT Command can easily perform future data collections and verification audits with dcVue. We are also in the process of creating an integration that will enable the seamless transfer of asset information between dcVue and FNT Command.”

Joseph Coschera, Duos Technologies’ Vice President for the ITAM division, added, “Our ITAM division has a long history of providing professional services to large data centers in multiple industries including banking, telecommunications and pharmaceuticals.  We have made investments in developing dcVue™ which now enables our partners to license a product that is complementary to their service offerings such that their customers can get the best value out of their investment in ITAM.”

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Duos Technologies Group, Inc. (OTCQB: DUOT), based in Jacksonville, Florida, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Duos Technologies, Inc., provides advanced intelligent security and analytical technology solutions with a strong portfolio of intellectual property. The Company’s core competencies include intelligent technologies that combine machine learning, artificial intelligence and advanced video analytics that are delivered through its proprietary integrated enterprise command and control centraco® platform. The Company provides its broad range of technology solutions with an emphasis on mission critical security, inspection and operations within the rail transportation, retail, petrochemical, government, and banking sectors. Duos Technologies also offers professional and consulting services for large data centers. For more information, visit www.duostech.com.

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